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Jul 30, 2018

If you like British comedy, we've got a classic this week that's quite the ticket. We'll take a close look at Watery Fowls -- er, Fawlty Towers -- the show deemed the greatest of all time by the British Film Institute. Will this 70s television treasure still shine today?

Can the operatic virtuosity of Cleese and company overcome Hannah's antipathy for farce? Will Jeffrey talk at length about Monty Python? Tune in to learn more about the charms of Torquay, the peculiar British tradition of video in/film out, and where you can experience the glamour of dinner à la Fawlty.

But whatever you do, just don't mention the war.

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Why Brit Shows Look Different in Exterior Shots

The "Faulty Towers" Dining Experience

Shaddap Your Face 

Waiter, There's a Flea in my Soup

The Travel Bug with August Lindt

Top Ten Fawtly Towers Moments

FT Bloopers and Outtakes

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