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Oct 26, 2015

Hot Rod Herman

For our second foray into the archives we watched three episodes of the short-running but long-syndicated CBS gothic sitcom The Munsters:

THE FIRST ONE: "Munster Masquerade"

THE FAMOUS ONE: "Hot Rod Herman"

THE RANDO ONE: "Treasure of Mockingbird Lane"

Listen as we dive into the history and trivia of this quirky family...

Oct 22, 2015

"That twilighty show...about that zone."  -- Homer Simpson

We begin our first exhibit in the TV Museum with a look at the iconic CBS sci-fi anthology The Twilight Zone. This cult hit ran for five seasons and spawned various spin-offs, but is it worth revisiting? We watched three episodes to find out:


Welcome to the TV Museum

Oct 21, 2015

Welcome the to the TV Museum, where we review both famous and obscure shows of yesteryear to determine which deserve your precious couch time and which can be safely forgotten. Fire up your Roku and stay tuned -- our first "exhibit" drops this week.