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"Taxi" Remake to be Titled "Uber"

Apr 1, 2016

CBS-TV has closed a deal with Uber that will put Tony Danza back in the role of boxer/cabbie Tony Banta, the character he brought to life on celebrated sitcom Taxi--but with a new economy twist.


The "requel" series will follow Danza during his days and nights behind the wheel of the black Nissan Altima sedan he has to pay for and maintain himself as a driver for the tech and transportation industry upstart.  Instead of featuring a large ensemble cast congregating in a dispatch office, the series will center on Danza as a solitary Uber contractor.  

Danza will not be the only star in the cast, however:  He will be joined by Dame Maggie Smith, who is lending her vocal talents to the role of the navigational assistant application who keeps Banta company.

Alright, alright -- enough.  Happy April Fools' Day from The TV Museum Podcast! But, if you're reading this, perhaps you'll stick around and check out our show! 

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