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Dec 23, 2015

This week we combine two great tastes: Mary Tyler Moore, a comedy about a woman who can turn the world on with her smile, and that show's landmark hour-long spin-off, the newsroom drama Lou Grant.

Tune in to learn which Robocop star goose-stepped through an episode of Lou Grant, hear Cloris Leachman sing about social disease, and discover why Ron Burgundy's dog is named Baxter. 

Keep listening for an interview with Lou Grant himself, the great Ed Asner.


Episodes we watched:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show:

Pilot  “Love is All Around” 

S3 E16 "Lou’s Place"

S2 E1 “The Birds”  

S2 E 23 "Some of my Best Friends Are Rhoda" 

S7 E 24 “The Last Show” 

Lou Grant:

Pilot - "Cophouse"

S3 E1 "Cop"

S1 E5 "Nazi"


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Highlights from Someone I Touched

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