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Jan 13, 2016

In this episode we look at one of the most successful primetime soaps of the 80s, in which a secretary can marry a billionaire, long-lost daughters turn up nearly every week, and Moldavian freedom fighters can really ruin a celebration.

Is Blake Carrington about to choke a ... lady?

Listen in to learn how many last names Joan Collins's character had, why Rock Hudson's guest starring stint on the show was so controversial, and what drove William Faulkner out of Hollywood.

Episodes we watched:

  • Pilot
  • “Enter Alexis” (S2 E1)
  • “Royal Wedding” (S4 E30)

Comprehensive list of Dynasty cat fights

Fashion tips from Alexis Carrington

Linda Evans on her scene with Rock Hudson

Producer Aaron Spelling's unbelievably enormous mansion


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Thanks as ever to Minden for our theme music.