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Jan 26, 2017

Sometimes you want one of the 80s' defining sitcoms!

In this Season Two opener of the Museum, we turn back to NBC's legendary Thursday night line-up for a look at Cheers. Like its namesake watering hole, this show feels like home to almost anyone who watched TV between 1982 and 1993.

Though Cheers is surely familiar to most listeners, in this episode Jeffrey and Hannah seek to uncover new information about a classic. Questions which may be answered include:

  • Which cast member's sister wrote for the show?
  • Where did creator James Burrows get his start?
  • Who is more of a poncy blowhard, Sumner Sloan or Frasier Crane?
  • How great is Bebe Neuwirth? (spoiler: very)
  • How did Cheers inspire the best Halloween costume ever?

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