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Apr 20, 2016

"Holy amazing guest, Batman!" 

We're joined by NPR critic, author, Pop Culture Happy Hour panelist, and one of our favorite voices on culture, Glen Weldon, to discuss his new book, The Caped Crusade: Batman & The Rise of Nerd Culture, and the two major TV series featuring the not-always-so Dark Knight.  How did the character change from the comic page to the TV screen with the garish campiness of the live action series that ran on ABC in the mid-1960s? Did fans reclaim their hero with the darkly faithful animated series that aired on Fox in the 1990s? Tune in to find out!
On this episode:
Batman (1966): 
"The Bookworm Turns/As Gotham Burns" (S1 Eps. 29-30)
Batman: The Animated Series (1992):  
"Heart of Ice" (S1 E14)
"The Joker's Favor"  (S1 E22)
"Legends of the Dark Knight"  (S4 E19)


The Bookworm -- turning!

Glen Weldon 

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Don't forget to check out Glen's book! You can get it FREE with a 30-day Audible Trial!